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A pizza without any of them shits called bones put in it.
Person 1: bruh, I'm dead ass hungry right now.

*phones pizza*
Person 2: Ya pizza, whatchu want?
Person 1:lemme get uhhhhhhh, a BONELESS PIZZA, wit a 2 litre of coke

Person 2: fuck kind of pizza? Oh, and 2 L I T R E M A C H I N E ๐Ÿ…ฑ๏ธ R O K E. We got one litre though

Person 1: fuck you mean ๐Ÿ…ฑ๏ธ? Ight LOOK, lemme get that pizza, B O N E L E S S.

Person 2: uh, pizza don't got bone on it.

Person 1: the fuck did I just say then?

Person 2: you said "LEMME GET IT B O N E L E S S", like pizza got a damn bone in it.
Person 1: y'all got bones in Ya shit then?

Person 2: nah
Person 1: so what's the problem?

Person 2: D I C K H E A D. Name one pizza that got bone on it.

Person 1: just don't put them shits in my pizza bruh, how many times I gotta say it.

Person 2: bruh, jus explain to me how the fuck pizza can be boneless?
Person 1: if it don't got bone in it, iss B O N E L E S S
Person 2: son what school you go to?

Person 1: dawg, I don't understand the problem. Just make my shit, B O N E L E S S, D E A D A S S.

Person 2: I'm deadass not making this pizza
by Snarijuana July 13, 2017
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Noun: A pizza simply missing the bones, thus making it easier to eat and enjoy
Man: Hey dude, could I order one boneless pizza with extra cheeesssseee??
Dominos Employee: sure bro
by SwiftHandles July 09, 2017
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