A pizza without any of them shits called bones put in it.
Person 1: bruh, I'm dead ass hungry right now.

*phones pizza*
Person 2: Ya pizza, whatchu want?
Person 1:lemme get uhhhhhhh, a BONELESS PIZZA, wit a 2 litre of coke

Person 2: fuck kind of pizza? Oh, and 2 L I T R E M A C H I N E 🅱️ R O K E. We got one litre though

Person 1: fuck you mean 🅱️? Ight LOOK, lemme get that pizza, B O N E L E S S.

Person 2: uh, pizza don't got bone on it.

Person 1: the fuck did I just say then?

Person 2: you said "LEMME GET IT B O N E L E S S", like pizza got a damn bone in it.
Person 1: y'all got bones in Ya shit then?

Person 2: nah
Person 1: so what's the problem?

Person 2: D I C K H E A D. Name one pizza that got bone on it.

Person 1: just don't put them shits in my pizza bruh, how many times I gotta say it.

Person 2: bruh, jus explain to me how the fuck pizza can be boneless?
Person 1: if it don't got bone in it, iss B O N E L E S S
Person 2: son what school you go to?

Person 1: dawg, I don't understand the problem. Just make my shit, B O N E L E S S, D E A D A S S.

Person 2: I'm deadass not making this pizza
by Snarijuana July 13, 2017
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A handcrafted finger licking good boneless crafted pizza fresh from the pizzeria. Best served with coke but I preferably like it with boneless juice. A meme that is also becoming endangered because of normies and nibbas who can't resist stealing memes and the over usage of boneless pizzas. Boneless pizza is served at dominos but you may be lucky to find at other pizza parlors. STAY BONELESS
Hey can I uh get BONELESS PIZZA.
Uh what did you just say
Boneless? Nigga we don't put bones on our pizzas
sorry 2liter machine broke


sorry thottie
by BonelessBIZZA June 24, 2017
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Noun: A pizza simply missing the bones, thus making it easier to eat and enjoy
Man: Hey dude, could I order one boneless pizza with extra cheeesssseee??
Dominos Employee: sure bro
by SwiftHandles July 10, 2017
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-a boneless pizza
-a weak little white kiddo

guy 1:uhmmm lemme get a boneless pizza with a 2 liter coke
guy 2: a what kinda pizza?
guy 1: a boneless pizza
guy 2: im sorry we dont have that on the menu
guy 1: awwww
by littlegingerfuck123 August 29, 2017
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