Abbreviation term of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.

There are similar words such as:
LGBTQ - adding queer (or questioning).
LGBTQI - adding intersex.
LGBTQIA - adding asexual.

More variants are out there with O (omnisexual), P (pansexual), or merely change the order of the letters...
A: shit, I've gotta go to the LGBT center. I'm late.
B: Lates, dude.
by oceansky September 4, 2006
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Liquor, Guns, Bacon & Tits; used by less sensitive people as a form of trolling or pestering of those sensitive folks who would say lay claim to a list of rather random letters as "theirs and theirs alone". A not so subtle way for these folks to say "I'm not judging you, but I sure do like me some Murica on the weekend". Meant to be cheeky, not to be overtly offensive (though it may be taken that way by some).
"Hey Jim, what'chy'all" doin this long weekend?"
"Celebrating being born in America Dave, we are going to support the LGBT community starting with this shot of Jim Beam and ending in Tanya's pool later this evening!"
by 30secBoardboy April 7, 2017
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Hey Dad! what does LGBT mean?
Well Son, LGBT means Lebanese guys boiling tea as everyone knows.
Cool! I wanna be that!
by The Anal Crew November 1, 2015
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1.hey are you part of the lgbt community

2. Yeah
1. Which letter are you
2. Tits
1. What

2. What
by YeetBoiSUCC December 4, 2019
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Mark: I support LGBT
Josh: yeah i support Luigi Got Big Titties too!
by OhChilly January 15, 2018
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Trevor: Hey, Dan! I got something to tell you...
Dan: What?
Trevor: I'm gay.
Dan: LGBT- go get 'em buddy!
Trevor: Thanks. You too, man.
by The Zurban Thesaurus November 4, 2017
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