To indicate a fart that unexpectedly deviates into a poo.

Taken from cricketing terminology, referencing a delivery which unpredictably bounces higher than expected at the last minute, often striking the batsmen in the ribs or head.

Often requires the decommissioning and disposal of underwear after the event. Originated on a Nation Express coach, Junction 34 - Lancaster.
mate, i'm in a mess! That fart got big on me
by Quelmo Rodriguez June 18, 2010
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An insult so strong it's dangerous to use, whenever in an argument and apply this insult to the other person they will be anilatared most likely die or throw a no u which you must respond with anyone named "their name" mum triple gay which will finish them off
Timmy: your sister a mister
Roders: well ur mum got the big gay
Timmy: suffers a heart attack (99% die when happens like this)
by Rodersmoderssloders March 25, 2018
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John : Ur mum gay
Mike: Ur dad les
John: Ur granny Tranny
Mike: Ur grandpap a trap
John: Ur sister a mister
Mike: Ur family tree LGBT
John:(Breaks leg)
John: I’ll do it

Mike: u wouldn’t

John: Ur mum got a big thumb
Mike: (gets disintegrated into oblivion to nvr be seen again)
by Joltlit April 11, 2018
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Popular sentance in famous song "The race" but most enjoyable version of it is the sped of quandale dingle vetsion.
"she got big ol titties i said goo goo go gaga" Said Mlgsnipeer to mommy man
by khostafghanistan May 23, 2022
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big succccc big chonkr8i9s0ohekgs big ooof succ wucc a succ he big as irofhgnd iron he is made of steel but if you don't like it, you can eat an expired beal
big succ got that big ducc got that big femur breaker as a krispy kere e
by FemurBreakerBruhGotThatKrispyK October 11, 2020
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