LBT stands for "lower back tattoo". Often used in reference to promiscuous girls.
This weekend i'm going clubbing in hopes to wrangle a few LBT's.

Damn did you hear last night Nolan roped himself a LBT.
by Dustin S February 01, 2007
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the way to refer to lower back tramp stamps so that unsuspecting female lower back tramp stamp types don't know your making fun of them.
That lbts is the worst fucking thing i have ever seen, but i bet she puts out.
by thatdamngoat July 07, 2006
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This is usually found on women's lower back region and is a acronym for lower back tattoo.
Dude look at that guy over there on the beach, he must be gay he has a LBT!
by DallasMia January 05, 2009
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"Lower Body Tragedy"; A woman with an attractive face and average if not fit upper body... sub-torso, however is a compilation of thunder thighs, cellulite and overall abundance.
"Lisa is so hot!"
"Not anymore my friend, since gaining the freshman 15 she's just another LBT "
by Andrew67 February 04, 2009
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