To refer to a movie better than Jurassic Park

The most badass epic motherfucking dinosaur movie ever created. This movie follows the story of a tough ass brontosaurus named littlefoot and his crew of little shithead friends. These little pussyshit dinosaurs defeated a BIGASS T-Rex at the end of the movie and found heaven itself.
Oh shit that movie totally Land before Timed that piece of shit.
by Campanella June 22, 2009
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A series of impossibly bad events one after the other. Based on the popular movie, "The Land Before Time". In it, the young dinosaur Little Foot, is victim to a chain of horrible events like being attacked by a T-Rex, witnessing an earthquake, watching his mother die, being separated from his only family, going on the biggest journey of his life without adults or anyone to protect him and being attacked by that same T-Rex twice more.
Friend A: "Dude, I got pulled over for speeding today, then the cop arrested me for holding my friend's pot, then my girlfriend dumped me for missing our date while I was in jail."
Friend B: "Sorry man, that's Land Before Time Status."
by dinoSOAR? August 30, 2010
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A way to reference a girl or group of girls that look as if they just stepped out of the prehistoric age. This could mean they have the apperance of ethier a cave person or a dinosuar.
"Look at the herd that just walked into this party, they look straight out of the Land Before Time (LBT)."

"The tall lesbian over in the cornor is def LBT status."
by Planrapist March 20, 2010
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