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It means like back.
Usually used on instagram
by Charlayy_ May 11, 2016
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meaning "little bitch". Often used to describe whiny, complaining Noobs who are constantly bitching.
by JPHberg November 30, 2006
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aka Little B*tch; (noun) Person who seeks eternal attention, confirmation, has a sense of entitlement and who quickly blames others for any unpleasant events which happen within their lives. Warning: extended interactions with said person will cost a large portion of your time and/or money with no gain and possibly lower your self esteem as everything will be your fault.
Matt is being an LB to his employees but the company isn't even his, it belongs to his dad.

Avoid Kain as he is being an LB because he was fired from his job and he believes it is because his manager was threatened by how smart he is.
by Cause_I_Can June 22, 2014
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Little Boy; Often used when describing a male being too cocky or Immature for his age. Hanging around older women and trying to look older for his actual age.
Girl 1: Ew Yesterday this LB tried getting my number.
Girl2: Oh that's gross. Was he smoking?
Girl1: Yeah, but he started coughing halfway through a breath.
Girl2: What an LB.
by petiteCarly September 05, 2009
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Lover Boy usually associated with Cc or C&C (Cuffed and Cheating)
Chris: You seen Mike?
John: He's with his girlfriend like always
Chris:Damn... LB
by Les123 November 05, 2010
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The second most popular club at P.A. Best known for being the only and most powerful rival to the infamous "Offroadaz"

Group meetings often lead to laying around and watching T.V.

Was formed entirely to piss of the "Offroadaz".
Did you hear what the L.B's did last night?. Absolutely nothing.
by G-Buzz November 10, 2009
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