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Loving, Kind & Carring, girl. Is normally short and ginger. Usaully comes from russia. Randomly moo's, and make loud noices out of no where. Will never play the guy shes with. And usaully falls for guys fast. Hates being played, and will get back at you 2x harder. Loves sex. Love guys that are douche bags. Biggest stoner out there, and is always down the party. Loves making fun of jews and thier yanicas... When it comes to her friends she will fuck anyone up if they fuck with em. She hates most girls. Loves boys. Is normally a juggalette.
Are you ready to get down and kyrene?!

Whos down to kyrene?!

Yup that was a total kyrene!
by Richanduh dumeass July 02, 2011
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