An Ancient Greece philosopher, and soldier. Xenophon was much more reasonable than Socrates on pretty much every issue, and his thoughts were grounded in reality. Thankfully from Xenophon we can actually understand the realities of Ancient Greece, rather than have to rely totally on the wild ramblings of Socrates, which were plagued with hyperbole and pedophile tendencies.
Xenophon > Socrates
by LifeIsPrettyGood April 13, 2019
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The origin of such word is Greek for "strange voice."

This term has come to mean the following:
A major tool.
A shady individual.
A failure or newb.
Someone who has low self esteem and intelligence.
Someone who stabs friends in the back for the phat lewtz.
That guy is such a fucking Xenophon.
by Dahhak December 04, 2005
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