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An adjective used to describe someone or something from another country. But from the mouths of teens, it refers to someone, especially a girl, that "isn't from round here" so is attractive. Lots of girls put it on their Instagram bios with the palm tree emoji.

A polite way of saying "exotic". Usually a compliment.
I want that foreign, that Peng ting from Dubai, I can't understand her, she's foreign
by U dont know me :) September 27, 2016

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A group of Kurds. Mostly belonging to the Alevi religion. Staunch supporters of the hdp and pkk. They live in north London and the areas surrounding it. The boys are constantly needing to get haircuts and posting pictures of their new creps on Snapchat. The girls have very nice eyebrows, take lots of selfies and wear skinny jeans and play the saz. They laugh very loudly. They shorten their names on instagram and speak MLE or Jafaican with Turkish and Kurdish words thrown in so that no one else understands anything they are saying. Oh, and they are also very cliquey.
Kurd Herd member 1: Hdp leader is çok yakışıklı init lyk omdz gülüşüne kurbanım
Kurd herd member 2: Yass bruv and Erdogan is wasteman eşini sikerim (they start laughing very loudly)
Normal person: I don't understand

Kurd herd member 1: Bussout şerefsiz

Kurd Herd member 2: Did u see Berkan's pic on instagram
Kurd herd member 1: peng init onunla evleniyim
Kurd herd member 2: Moveeee im his wifey kıskanma
by U dont know me :) January 26, 2016

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Something wrong, unjust or unfair. Or all of the above. Something Fucked up.

There are about 1824726153274538 words in the English language for things like "nonsense" and there are so few For things like "unfair".

So it means Something unfair.
"Did you see the election results?"
"Yeah, that was a Fuckery."
by U dont know me :) August 26, 2016

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