MLE is a girl you cant seem to let out of your life because you know she could be the one. Whenever youre with her you cant stop smiling because her presence is enough to make you happy. Whenever shes not around you miss her way too much, but when youre together you have no worries in the world. A lot of the times you may find yourself talking with her for hours and hours without even knowing it and enjoy every minute of it. From the moment you laid your eyes on her you thought she was extremely gorgeous and from there on her beauty continues to amaze you. Even though she is seemingly perfect in every way, sometimes you may need a black trash bag in situations. But all in all, she is just another word for love.
Me: Ever since I met this MLE I have thought of her everyday.
Blayke: It sounds like you really like her.
Me: I think you are exactly right bro. I need MLE in my life.
by Proxy<3 February 28, 2010
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"I was watching East Indian Butt Lovin', and man I totally had an MLE!"

"Wow really, was that good? Daaamn."
by moosejawbuddy September 3, 2011
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Multicultural London English is the cultural change in the English language due to influences from various cultures such as Jamaican. Originated in London (due to be such a multicultural area) and quickly spreading to other areas of the UK through use and also through grime music. It is the first time English Language in the UK has been changed nationally by the teen age group. Usually areas had their own slang words but MLE is quickly becoming the standard slang through out the UK.
Multicultural London English (MLE) example slang words: Manz, Hype, Ting, Fam, Blud (Blad), Cus, Bredrin, Nang, Dench, My Size, Famalam and various other words
by Manz on a hype ting September 6, 2012
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