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Kumon. Oh mah lawd, Kumon.
They start you off with little kid problems (assuming you're just. That. Stupid.), and eat away at your life slowly as you sit there in your house on Saturday afternoons, scribbling away at your Kumon packets while everybody else maintains a social life. To the Kumon instructors, everybody learns the same way. Can't solve math problems that quickly, but understand the basics of it to be able to work it out carefully? Sorry, Charlie. Let's do it again until your brain works in the manufactured Kumon way.

To the people who are not yet enrolled in Kumon: when your parent makes any reference to the place in any way, shape, or form, RUN LIKE THE WIND.
Friend: So, Cassidy... what did you do this weekend? I didn't see you all last week; where were you?
Cassidy: Oh, you know... sitting in my house, doing Kumon packets.
by Peabrain August 27, 2012
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The most horrible thing that has ever existed. That one thing that ruins your social life FOREVER. Also another way for parents to torture their kids without any physical abuse. Kids who have not yet enrolled in Kumon, if anybody even mentions it to you, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AND NEVER TURN BACK.
Mother: *On the phone* Yeah, I'm thinking of sending him/her to Kumon, their grades aren't very good...

Kid: *Overhears* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Runs as far as their legs can take them*
by The Adorkable One October 18, 2013
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Large asian profit organization which was black listed by the UN because of it's evilness but it failed because kumon had too much money. It's worksheets are made from uncertified tree sources, and this was criticized against them by greenpeace. It is often considered a personal insult to call someone a kumon. (greed)
1)Kumon is operating in 98 countries.
2)Terry is a mean kumon!
by firzenr August 29, 2007
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Math, Reading, too many of my brain cells.
They told me to take a test while there was about 20 little kids running, screaming, and crying all over the test area. At one point i felt the urge to kick one of them.
Kumon Sucks Dick. And so do all of those high schoolers and old people working there.
by Jomanfoo February 09, 2008
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kumon is a place where ure "learnin" yeah right , KUMON IS HELL ON EARTH!!!!!!! they make u work and the woman who works th4ere is old and doesnt kno math... they interfere with work that will make u a living from school.
kumon REALLY sucks!!!!!! DONT GO!!!!!!!! SAVE URESELF
by gelly127 April 26, 2005
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l337 math learned by Chin pokemons in order to rule the world
I go to Kumon to learn math
by JEHU NASAL May 19, 2003
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