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Satan, Devil, Eblis, Mephistohpeles, Lucifer, Belial
Viewed as arch enemy to humanity.
or by satanics as oneself as a true god to follow.
in "Satanism" Satan is myself to praising him is praising oneself.
in "Judaism" there's no devil or being that tempts to evil, it is the bad tempt in all humans without embodiment.
in "Christianity" Satan-Devil is the fallen angel from heavens who wanted to be like God and who is the source of all evil and mischief in the world.
in "Isalm" Shaitan-Eblees is a djinni made of smokless flame unlike angels made of light, he tempts humans but humans are a source of evil as well.
-"Is shaitan immortal?"
-"as long as you live."
by mansatan July 08, 2006
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