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It's really like Kris or Chris but it only has a dope spelling. It's considered a unique spelling and I saw some girls mostly who has this kind of spelling.
Person1: Omgod. Do you know her? I heard her name is Kris. What a guy name.
Person2: No dude, it's actually spelled as K-r-i-z.
Person3: Wow, that's tight. Kriz. Nice, I think I'm gunna name my kid that.
by yousuck0809010 August 27, 2008
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to drive at excessive speeds whilst sporting a boner.
We were flying so high after the regatta, KriZing all the way home was a natural.
by emeril lagasse June 27, 2003
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A Chris wannabe that is indigenous to the upper Midwest region of the United States. Partial to the Scientology religion, the Kriz can most often be found screaming racial slurs at a tv while getting peanut butter licked off it's testicles by a close Iowegian relative. If approached by a Kriz, one should be careful to protect ones butt hole as the Kriz is very sexually aggressive and when in heat often times will attempt to win one over as it's mate by licking the butt hole of another male.
"Dude, that guys about as gay as a Kriz"
"Quit being a Kriz, my butt hole is still virgin"
by Manchowder19 February 24, 2009
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