The most sexy beast u can find, he is smart handsome and knows it all. Dont test his abilitys he can do it all
I wish i was a Lennard
by 88boss August 18, 2020
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The best guy you could ever meet and the cutest too. Loyal, dependable, funny, etc. Everything you could ever want in a guy he has it. He’s the most handsome being you will ever come across. Mouths will pop and lady undergarments will drop when he walks in a room
Damn that guy cool as hell must be a lennard
by Picketfence November 17, 2017
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An awesome, lovely and funny guy who happens to have a very big penis.
OMG This is big - are you a lennard?
by highflyingtiger November 29, 2021
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An expression of (long) distance or time
"Aww man, I'm not walking there, it's such a lennard"


"I can't wait til Christmas but it's a proper lennard away"
by Cabbage Patch McFlange-alot October 4, 2007
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lennard is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet in your life.
he's the most heartwarming, loving, caring and beautiful guy in the world.
he's the best boyfriend and he would literally do everything to make you happy.
but he's mine hehe
i love lennard
a: don't you think lennard is the coolest guy ever?
b: yes he totally is! but i heard he's already taken, dang it!
by sunsetcelly September 30, 2019
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its probably one of the greatest names and actually a cool guy, who won already in life.
omg i would like to be a lennard!
by lennardvmmmm January 7, 2017
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