Means creation; really beautiful, gorgeous, and sweet; one with an amazing personality
by Letsgo10 December 28, 2013
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Literally means creation or an exquisite work of art; people with this name are known to be wild with interesting personalities; they tend to be be sweet, kind, beautiful, sexy, smart; most Kriti's are leaders;
Wow, she's just perfect.
> yeah, she's Kriti.
by Foreverfly December 29, 2014
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An extremely cheerful and fun person to be around with, who'll have the most influence on you and help you grow.
Unfortunately you'll only meet this person once in your life.
I think you are the Kriti of my life.
by 「TOKYO GIRL」 May 11, 2017
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The power used to protect all cool people. It comes in many shapes ad sizes, but is usually extremely beautiful.

Can also be used as Kritical, this is the ART of being a Kriti.
"omg, what is that awesome power?"

"dude.. its Kritical, only special people have it"

"dayum, i need some of that"
by purple pineapple December 27, 2010
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A dark loner indian who thinks that he has lots of friend but in fact only jason gunawan likes him. Considers Rajat as his best friend and Prashant as his dog. His overconfidence and arrogance made him the fattest insult to indians. Felt Jun's ass once.
Faaaaaggg, faaaattt like a Divya.

Divya: (to Rajat) Are you ditching me again?
by Anonymous UWC conDhir October 4, 2004
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