An intriguing, smart, charming, and hilarious guy. He will always make you laugh so hard all the time. He is super charming and charismatic.
That guy is so funny and charming! Totally a Kristoff!
by Genjiii November 21, 2018
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A norwegian name that means "the Dark God of all puny humans" from norse language. Kristoffer was a term used by vikings in the dark ages to describe all Dark Gods basically, and is therefor also the considered meaning of the Devil and all Evil in the world.
Yes, Kristoffer took his sould and brought it to hell
by ylean January 11, 2011
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Kristoffer is the picture pretty guy. He is romantic and his love knows no limits. If he falls for you, he won't ever stop loving you. When he fall in love, he falls deep.

Kristoffer is a mystery. You might think you have him figured out, but thats just his act. He likes to play naive and nice to get information or to hide the real him. There is much debth in him, a very philosophical guy that when he first begins can blow your mind with his genious words and thoughts.

People can always trust Kristoffer, his lojality is big to the one he loves and trust. That is few tho, he doesn't trust people easy.
If you ever get the chance to be with this guy, do it. You will never regret.

Kristoffer is very funny. With him you'll always have a good time. He is insane.
Guy 1:
"Hey, where did Kristoffer go? I haven't seen him in ages"

Guy 2:
"He found the love of his life, he left to be with her, you know him, his love is limitless"
by Reffotsirk August 01, 2010
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A Kristoffer is an incredible guy who is usually shy at first, but opens up around his friends. Typically, a Kristoffer has a smokin body and a beautiful girlfriend. Most Kristoffers are star athletes and have straight a's. They will charm you with their innocence and adorableness; but beware, it might just be an act. Usually found in the Southwest, and Southeast. Most common Kristoffers have brown hair, brown eyes, and are super tan. You'll think he's the sweetest guy in the world when you first meet him.. he won't last long, but he's cute while it lasts. Don't take it personally if he doesn't seemed interested; thats just how he rolls. Kristoffer's are sometimes tense, but also have a laid back cool side. Be careful if you meet a Kirstoffer, you'll probably fall for him.
girl1: "did you see that sexy shy guy?"

girl2: "yea girll, he's probably a Kristoffer."
by gangstaninja563 November 19, 2010
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The most underrated variation of Kristoff or Kristoffer of all time, and probably this guy's most underrated name, too. Because of how underrated Kristoffe is, no one seems to appreciate him enough. He's the type of person that would go along with nearly everything, uninvolved with any conflict, but always has the simplest things to say. Underneath the quiet persona is a boy filled with a potential he has yet to reach; thoughts that are meant to be shared with the world, dreams that are nothing less than possible. One would think of him as the chill friend that never fails to listen and cheer you up, but at the same time, make you ponder on things that might not even make sense. Nonetheless, Kristoffe often fails to remember not only how capable he is to achieve anything, but how much he is worth fighting for, too. So if you know a Kristoffe in your life, tell him you love him, it's likely that he needs to hear it.
Kristoffe is a friend worth keeping for life, but only do that if you can give him the love he deserves.
by ncrthstar March 29, 2021
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The name Kristoffer is a Scandinavian variant of the name Christopher. Christopher originates in Greek, popularized in the early 11th century. The current spelling is directly derived from Χριστοφορος (Christophoros) which means "To bear Christ".

The history of the name is ironic. It was used as a pseudonymic title rather than as a given name. Early Christians referred to those who supported Christianity as Christopher. However, because of the words the name are derived from, specifically φερω (phero) the name can be read to mean something entirely different from the commonly held definition. Phero ("to bear or offer" )also took on, and is the basis for, the English homonym word "to bear" meaning to tolerate (albeit a much longer linguistic route was taken for the second definition to enter English). Thus Christopher can mean "to tolerate Christ" rather than "to offer Christ".

The spelling Kristoffer is common in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, and some Germanic dialects. Similar spellings are found in Cyrillic/Slavic languages, such as; Russian, Hungarian, Latvian, Bulgarian, etc.

Kristoffer is commonly shortened to Kris, Krist, Kristoff, and Toffer.
"Kristoffer was a kind and gentle man."

by LordRelentless October 15, 2014
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He is someone that just sits beside you and is like hey, and then you just look him into the eyes wanting to stab him everyday and could stab him anytime if you just had the chance. He says he's straight when you know he's not but you're too tired to hear about it and he acts innocent but he's honestly a BITCH.
Me: Hey, where's Kristoffer?
Friend: We don't talk about who shall not be named.
by AndiShv March 13, 2020
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