Man my krebs are itchin today!!
by Hawker February 13, 2004
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When investigative journalist Brian Krebs releases dox and personal information about people that either don't like his book, or criticize SpamHaus.
holy shit i just got krebbed for leaving a 2 star rating on 'Spam Nation'!
by Webstaz April 28, 2019
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Another usage for the word "Penis"
1. - "My Kreb is itchy"
2. - "Suck my Kreb!"
by Seth Amanda September 11, 2007
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(K) kill (R) really (E) easy (B) bitches... Live by it and die by it
-hey dude lets get krebed

-I'm definitely gonna get krebed

-I'm so Kreb

-Kreb me

-we're krebed
by KevinK14 January 23, 2014
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to hang out, lay around, lounge, doing nothing of importance
look at all ya'll krebbin' on the couch, doing nothing with your lives!
by jkit September 22, 2004
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A person who is obsessed with fish and loves pointing at maps, telling Dolfy where Berlin is.
Scenario 1:
Hans Krebs: It's time for us to look at a picture of a fish. Fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish.
Dolfy: Enough of your fishy madness.
(Krebs laughs)

Scenario 2:
(Shows picture of modern Berlin)
Krebs: This is Berlin.
Dolfy: No it isn't, you absurd fishman.
by The Real Driller May 16, 2022
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