8 definitions by Hawker

manky shit, or a word from the Red Dwarf TV series.
Oh smeg I left the oven on, now the house has burnt down!!!!
by Hawker February 14, 2004
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swed is your head
im gonna kick your swed in
by Hawker January 25, 2004
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To drink a fluid, usually alcohlic, that is funnelled into the mouth with someone elses arse crack.
'He lost the bet and was forced to bum skull his beer'
by Hawker February 01, 2004
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Possibly the greatest electro techno style group ever! One of Germanys finest exports! An extremely big hit in the 80s. No one should dis them they are great.
Hey Hawker put some Kraftwerk on!!!!
by Hawker February 13, 2004
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