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Scottish hobbit renowned with the cultivation and consumption of shite. Other definitions include form of bondage and weird satanic sexual games
smells like Isho. Or Isho dungeons in middle of soho
by word February 4, 2005
I'm not paying for any music until the record industry either lowers the price of their CDs or they start making good music again.
The RIAA can kiss my ass.
by word October 15, 2003
Jibz - propper noun - a south african chatter on irc (its a VERY rare occurance to find an african with internet.)
Jibz you are probally the coolest guy i know.
by word July 31, 2004
it can mean anything

it's been used to refer to sex. but you can really use it to mean anything.
yeah I saw her last night/did you get your wiggle on?
by word January 16, 2000
Not a college, but a university and not located in Boston, but just outside. A prestigious Jesuit institution that is very competitive, and is referred to as BC for short.
Student 1: I'm so excited I got into BC!
Student 2: Whatever...I'm going to Boston University.
Student 1: Really? Sucks to B.U.!!
by word October 15, 2004
the dude is a fu***** kracka
by word February 4, 2005
Calling someone a ho
"Damn son,Deaho"

by word September 25, 2004