Ok boomer (a reference for calling someone old)
Son: “Shut up I’m on instagram”

Dad :“You know, back in my day we didn’t have smart phones

Son:“K pop”
by nickadamz1 April 03, 2020
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A very very very dark hole that you’ll never be able to escape from , it’s short for korean pop and is filled with really good-looking singers, rappers and dancers that aren’t only korean (most of them are though)

Some famous kpop groups are:
Snsd (girls generation)
Wanna one

And more

There are also solo artists and a pretty famous one would be IU , Jay Park or HyunA and a very known one would by Psy (the one that sang gangnam style)
“Yeah i don’t remember my life before kpop.”
by Suga stan June 13, 2018
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best dark hole you've ever fallen into
ps: you can't escape
kpop: hi
kpop stans: *while falling* AAAAAAHHHHHHH HOHOOOOOOO
by rowoon's wife May 30, 2018
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A ganre if music from South Korea. Groups are out together by corporations and go through intensive training for years before the debut.
Girl: Hey did you hear about EXO-K's new song?
Girl 2: Oh! They're that K-pop band you like right?
by Sakura Kiss June 25, 2016
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Person 1: what type of music do you like

Person 2: kpop
Person 1: oh shit your one of those type of people, the worst type of people

Person 2: Kim jong un is the best member of bts
Person 1: Nvm
by GrabMyNips December 08, 2018
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K pop is short for kids bop

It's a group of young Korean people who can dance and sing. Usually middle school girls fawn over them.
Teacher- what's re you listening to?
Bts fan- k pop
Teacher- you mean kids bop?
Kid who doesn't listen to k pop- accurate
by Oofing loser June 21, 2018
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