A music genre that was popularized by the African American community in the 60s and 70s that combines traditional African gospel with blues.
It's basically rhythm and blues but with African roots.
Soul genre was named to pinpoint that the songs were sung with a lot of soul in them. To varying degrees, the power and personality of the form were absorbed in disco, funk, and hip-hop, styles that owe their existence to the soul.
So today certain other genre music can also be sub-classified as soul.

Some popular soul artists are,
Mary J. Blige. Mary J.

D'Angelo. D'Angelo.

Maxwell. Maxwell.

Erykah Badu.

Lauryn Hill.

Raphael Saadiq.

Anthony Hamilton
Joss Stone
RM's mono should lowkey come under soul music genre.
by 2000's kid, but I'm sane October 8, 2020
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A shitty genre of 70’s music that every Stewart, Bill or Dave from the North loves
Oh you like soul music? I know you were born in the 60’s
by 2000’s Kiddo December 20, 2017
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Dark Souls Boss Music- Its the song that plays when something sudden happens or if something when from zero to 1000 real fucking quick
Steve: hey hector did you study for the test

*Dark Souls Boss Music*

Hector: w..w..what test
by Fricken Yeet April 20, 2021
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