K pop means ok boomer because k means ok and pop means grandpa. so bam! k pop = ok boomer
by YeetMaster900 February 15, 2020
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korean pop music
b2ast, bigbang, mblaq, 2ne1, 2am, 2pm, shinee, super junior, wonder girls and 4 minute are all awesome k-pop bands
by adorkableazn June 02, 2011
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kpop is a thing that will take over your life and make speaking difficult.

then: how did this happen?
me: i just wanted to know their names
kpopers: welcome to the dark side we have high expectations for beauty and will make all your friends think your weird! also we will help make you forget what english music is and you will talk with a engrish accent!

my friends:....
kpopers: we're your friends now
me: ok?
kpopers: there's no escape
my friends: you cant even understand them.....i hate that ching chong ling long music......oh is this one of your chinese boys?......they all look the same
kpop is my life now
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by i cant english January 12, 2018
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a abbreviation of korean music that consists of

'dance, electronic, electropop, hip hop, rock, and R&B music originating in South Korea"
a somewhat catchy genre, its bands usually consists of attractive groups of both gender. Through the Internet it has gained worldwide popularity. Being in korean, it has been untested if its fans understand korean or they have no idea what the songs are about. Described by the Times as 'catchy but derivative' it is possibly the shallowest form of music ever to gain popularity. Known to cause various facebook posts, usually in all caps, about how much they heart k-pop. The names of the bands are ridiculous, such as 'Big Bang', 'Girls Generation' and '2pm'. These are, respectively, a scientific theory explaining the expansion of the universe, a process of which girls generate, and a time in the afternoon when eating may be considered 'a late lunch'. These are the meanings of the names obeying grammar, but may have some other meaning to the South Koreans, but one can only fathom what they think it means. These are still ridiculous names compared to the names of other, non-korean bands.
The description above contains opinions. Everyone is entitled on their own.
typical internet user: I dislike k-pop
k-pop fan: why u hatin' just shut up if u got opinion dont say , etc
by kayzl November 14, 2012
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Korean pop music. A term that covers and is used to refer to all kinds of Korean music. Has better variety than Jpop, especially in hip hop.
K-hip hop has Honey Family, Leessang, Jinusean, Park Myung Hou, Drunken Tiger, People Crew, X-Teen, and DJ Doc just to name a few.

J-hip hop has...Dragon Ash, Soul Scream, 19 Zip, uhhh...umm... -_-;
by nikkan_hanil December 10, 2003
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K-pop is basically a genre of music or just pop music but in another language??? btw just because you stan bts ,doesn't mean you like kpop ??? like dude,don't go around kpop music videos that aren't bts related and comment ' Army here to support a band like its cringy asf
Me,a multi fanddom : oh hey do u like k-pop ??
You,an asshole : oooF yes , im an army , you got no jams bro !!111!!! infires
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by the gay homophobic dude July 05, 2018
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