Something that will most definitely ruin your life and make you want to move to Korea (if you don't already live there).
Random Human: Started to listen to kpop.
Other random human: Welcome to the trash bin that will ruin your life. Oh and the trash bin is a rainbow.
by ClairityTheSpoon December 24, 2016
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A thing all girls in 6th grade are obsessed with.
Lisa: have you heard Whistle?
Me: Ugh stop talking about K-Pop.
Sister: OMG it's by Blackpink right?
by AlienInvader March 26, 2019
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k-pop stands for korean popular music.
it is the pride of korea and one of the most popular music styles in asia.
In other words, it is the total opposite of the definision the other person. "the true korean" gave us.
korean music is our pride.
don't make fun of it.
"k-pop singers are boa, kangta, super junior, SS501, TVXQ, Battle, Shinhwa, BaekJiYoung, H.O.T, NRG, Rain, Se7en, Lim JeongHee, Etc..."
by krnpride March 15, 2007
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Barry Stanton: “He like KPOP?! Remoaner, Brexit means Brexit, don’t like it you know where the door is!”
Asian man: “KPOP hella good ya”
*he later was deported*
by NotANonce69sub2realmzace August 28, 2018
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much better than american pop, or any other pop from any country. although, i am american and so ethnically mixed that i dont even know wutspecific countries im from, i know lots of korean pop.
Baby Vox, SES, FINKL, shinwa, CBMass, Papaya, Lemonade, Skool, BoA(bitch of assholes)
by SpicChinkNiggerHinduCracker December 21, 2003
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