(1) a feeling of disorientation or craziness usually caused by the excessive intake of disco biscuits, mexican speedballs, or wiffle dust

(2) the name of a nude breasted indonesian tribe that belives in voodoo rituals

(3) a feeling that drives you to become a spastic, screaming orange bird.
(1) Nikolai was so kookoo yesterday; he thought gravity was changing and climbed on top of the nearest bus stop.
(2) One of the kookoo clan's most famous rituals is the sacrifice of a puppy to please the God, Primus.
(3) I'm kookoo for cocoa crack.
by biblical scholar July 02, 2010
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The act of sticking your erect penis, into a girl's nostril, and poking her brain until she dies.
That girl's nostril was soo tight yesterday when we did the KooKoo, good thing shes dead now.
by pureenergyk18 April 25, 2010
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