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Chipolata sausages wrapped in bacon.. Also known in the UK as Devils on horseback.. Usually eaten at Christmas
by The Real Bungle January 09, 2007
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This is where you wrap bacon around a Penis before Sex. This can be done with strap ons and Dildos.
Jimmy: Come on Bitch get the Pigs in Blankets ready so you can eat them while sucking my cock.

Stacey: The Pigs in Blankets be ready soon love.

Jimmy: I didn't pay you for this you crack head.
by Barmy-Army April 29, 2014
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A food that consists of small sausages wrapped in bacon. It is eaten in Britain lots.
Guy 1: dude what did you have for breakfast today?
Guy 2: I had pigs in blankets, they were so good!
by Jkl66710 October 16, 2017
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