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Kooka is another word for a woman's Vagina.

Made famous by the MTV show 'Jersey Shore' mainly used by, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi and Deena Nicole Coretese.
Snooki: 'Did you see my Kooka?'
by WaffleWaffleEgg April 06, 2011
stop touching your koo-ka
by .___. Believe It Son!! January 12, 2011
The anal cavity of a female or homosexual male that is stretched out and saggy due to anal sex.
That dude has such a big kooka you could fit your whole head in it.
by Big Bu January 13, 2008
Another word for a massive sex beast who rips young girls into shreds and is loved by everyone. Also an awesome pure leet man who kills anyone who doesn't go his way.
Kooka came to my door the other day, he made me in to a man and i love him, he's awesome!
by Ko0ka November 09, 2008