A person who believes in and wholly embraces pseudolaw or “street law”. Such a person can and may challenge government authorities to primarily, make a point, despite the likely unfavorable outcome.
Officer: Can I see your driver’s license and registration, please?
Driver: No, I am not driving this vehicle; I am traveling in it.

Border Agent: Are you a US Citizen?
Driver: I refuse to answer this question.

Border Agent: Do you have any agricultural items aboard your vehicle?
Driver: You have no right to search or seizure per the 4th amendment.

A sovereign citizen is to pseudolaw as a bodybuilder is to broscience.
by JHawk541 January 10, 2019
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A United States Citizen who is generally homeless, has no Social Security Number, and doesn't pay taxes. Sovereign citizen is quite literally a synonym to domestic terrorist, and enjoy killing anyone who represents any kind of government authority, especially police officers.
" We have the right to bear arms to shoot our own politicians!"
~ A. Dumbass, sovereign citizen
by Jameth Thorton Roxford May 15, 2011
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A government official, especially law enforcement officers, who believes they are not subject to the laws of their State.
That cop os a Sovereign Citizen, he thinks he can just park in a handicapped spot to go into the store for 'just a minute'.
by N0K71RN4L August 8, 2021
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A cunt who thinks that the police can't touch them until they're dragged out of their car by a cop who has just stood them telling them to get out for an hour before smashing their window and dragging their fat arse out of that window to the floor whist the sovereign citizen screams 'This is rape, get off of me, this is rape, i'm going to get you arrested for rape'
man 1 'who's that retard being pulled out of that car window by Pc bigballs whilsy screaming rape?'
man 2 'Probably the form of fuck-tard known as a sovereign citizen'
Man 1'Or it could be a retard@
man 2'and whats the difference?'
by bigdickmickeymouse January 4, 2020
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