Usually used by people of Nigerian descent to describe a state of extreme horniness. Usually only applies to people who have tasted the forbidden fruit before
Guy 1 : See that fat girl!
Guy 2 : With the konji that I have right now, I would still smash
by Junepaules12 April 7, 2011
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A Nigerian slang usually used to represent an extreme state of horniness
Omo If you see how konji dey whine me eh, my dick just break zip
by real ass negro December 3, 2022
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a feeling off sexual pleasure that you need at that point of time when a boy/girl has not smashed in a long time and is in the mood for anything
"konji has caught you shey"
"yes o, konji can kill"
by yoyoboogyou January 28, 2020
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A sassy sarcastic expression made with ones face in which the person has the lips of an angel and one eyebrow raised
Angelina Jolie sported a sexy low-cut dress and a konji-roo expression to the Oscars.
by Esercainas May 8, 2008
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The experience of being extremely horny and lustful. A broken/ pidgin English slang/ term.
As i see Nancy for club, Konji hold me.

I have to finish earl at work so I can make it home to my girl on time, konji is the motif.
by Capriunicorn August 23, 2023
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