This place reminds me of the Kongs
by Rothmony January 15, 2009
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Konging is much, much easier to do with with creamy than it is with crunchy.
by mizezslo June 2, 2019
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(n) a phenomenally fat, lazy, and somewhat retarded animal. kongya mekong fatty mcfat lardass
by yoshimi April 7, 2005
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When you cough really hard after taking a bong hit or marijuana.
Damn dude, you just konged so hard after taking that fatty rip!
by Lindsblinds97 August 14, 2017
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The antonym of classy. Etymology stems from the Hong Kong Restaurant and Lounge in Harvard Square where Harvard students go to drink off their awkwardness.
Seriously, the Kirkland Spring Formal was so kong; some girl spilled her drink and slurped it off the bar.
by Fingadoo22 May 11, 2007
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yoooooo, that hoe last night went straight hurricane on my kong and i busted a level 8 on the dickter scale
by Rule King October 20, 2003
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The good looking guy you can find @ undernet!
by Admin July 28, 2003
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