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Also known as the Double Jurblonski, the Kolen is an intricate sexual maneuver involving all four limbs of its primary participant. Three people (at least one man) lie on the floor/bed/ground, or even in a pile of trash. The man stretches out on his side while the two other people curl up in balls at his head and feet, respectively. The man then double-fists the person lying at his head in the asshole (it has to be in the asshole) while they curl around to suck his cock. Meanwhile, he also fucks the person lying at his feet in either their asshole or vagina (if they are female). He uses his feet to do this, and the person being fucked curls around to eat the man's asshole out.
Dan had been wanting to give Shira a hot Jurblonski all day long, but then Arie showed up. "No matter," Dan said. "Why settle for a Jurblonski when you can have a Kolen?!"
by RaunchyCheese August 24, 2008
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