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Kalena is a hard person to get to know. She’ll shut you out but slowly let you in if you try. Any boy will get lost in her eyes because they are her most gorgeous feature although all of her is perfect. She falls in love way to easily although she always try not to cause she doesn’t want to get hurt. If she messages you it’s because you mean something to her so don’t shut her out. She dances a lot and can sing better than most people. Whatever you do, don’t mess with her feeling cause it’ll fuck her up real bad.
Boy: Can I meet you?
Kalena: Mmm
Boy: Please
by alwaysinlove February 21, 2019
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Kalena is a very kind caring helpful beautiful and talented person. She always cares for others and always puts herself in others shoes. She never leaves a friend behind and always believes in herself and others. She never gives up on her dreams and always encourages other. She is a very kind and caring person. Kalena always cares about others and never gives up on someone. She is very talented and never realizes it. Kalena’s eyes are beautiful and and so is she. She never realizes that she is talented and beautiful. If you are one of Kalena’s friends she will stick with you through everything. She dances and is pretty flexible. She is always there for her friends and knows when a friend is lying. She can always tell if a friend is being rude or hiding something. Kalena is an amazing person and is one of the greatest people you will ever meet.
Kalena is just being Kalena.😊
by *KKgirl* November 17, 2018
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One Independent girl.Not the prettiest flower in the garden but sure is the best. Very intelligent and can sing better than most people. Loves to dance big fan of animals and making new friends. Is more of a winter person an usually has very gorgeous eyes. Most Kalena's have acne because they like to run and don't sweat often and that turns ito bacteria. Kalena's are very romantic and will do anything for her loved ones. Most commonly a female name. Almost everyone would love to tap her. She flirts often but never notices it Kalena's are very seductive and can make almost anyone fall in love with her. Loves to make friends and loves it when she has a serious relationship with a boy she really like or loves! She is also usually very smart and a badass!
Max: Damn look at that Kalena girl I hope she likes me!

Chris: Nah man she's too god for any of us!

Kalena: Hi Chris hi Max whatcha talkin bout?

Max: you.

Kalena:oh really? What about me?

Max: I know your gonna say no but wanna go out?

Kalena: Umm, YEA TOTALLY!!!
by emoKisses13XxXx December 01, 2010
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Kalena is one amazing girl. She is an artist who enjoys dancing, writing, reading, and dancing. She can sing very well but doesn’t let people know it. Kalena’s are normally very self confident, and care a lot about themselves., and their appearance. They usually have a lot of money and spend it all on other people, they care more about other people’s happiness more than their own. Kalena’s are very active and like sports, so Kalena’s are generally very skinny. They enjoy activity’s such as running, swimming, biking, hiking, etc. Kalena’s are EXTREMLY HOT, and can steal anyone’s man at any time. If a Kalena has a crush on you, you better do whatever you can to get with her.(you have no idea how many people are trying to do that) They never jump from boy to boy, and if they have liked someone for more than a year, they are most likely to marry that person. Although the many boys that are trying to get with her, she will remain loyal to her lover. And Kalena’s are very popular, they are very funny and can make anyone laugh. Everyone loves to be around her and is always the center of attention. Kalena’s are the best!
Matt: “wow, Kalena is so pretty”
Zach: “dude I already told you, I called dibs
Brock: “no I did”
Chris: “I think we all did”
Zach: “yeah, but she likes Adam”
Adam: “wait she does?NICE!”
Kalena: “hey guys!”
all: “HEY THERE!!”
Zach: “which one of us do you like?”
Kalena: “...”
by pinkiepie625 March 23, 2019
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The most amazing girl you have ever met. She is independent, quite, and can be awkward but is an angel and can make ur day better with one conversation. She gonna give me $20.
Ashton: ur so awesome
Kalena: no
Ashton: yeh u kalena
by tu madre es muy bonita June 17, 2018
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Kalena is an amazing wonderful human being. She is gorgeous and always has a bitch face on, but is honestly the nicest person you'll meet. She gives up herself way too easily, and falls in love wayyyy to fast. She believes all men are a waste of time. But, when she says she's done she's done. She's always hated on by the uglist bitches, but she remains unbotheres. Boys ain't shit to her and she doesn't let them have any contol over her emotions or mindset. All around Kalena is the baddest bitch you'll ever meet, SEXYYYYY ASFFFF, and she probably got a fat ass. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO. DON'T. PLAY. WITH. HER. FEELINGS.
BOY: "Ayee Kalena, wanna hang out after the game?"
Kalena: *rolls eyes*
BOY: "Come on babygirl don't be like that"
Kalena: *rolls eyes again and walks away, leaving the nigga hanging*
BOY: "It's cool ma, you'll be mine eventrully"
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by BADBITCHHHHHHHHH August 09, 2017
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A girl's name when pronounced in Vietnamese, it closely sounds in translation to "clean house".
Kalena, a very cute Vietnamese girl attending pharmacy school, was told by her grandmother to clean the house. Her grandmother said "Kalena Kalena".
by rhnd September 26, 2006
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