A kole is someone you want to be friends with. He gives you the truth,he is loyal,nice,funny and much much more. A kole is a popular person who sometimes forgets about his less popular friends. He comes up with grate rosts . I will throw a kole a bone and say he isnt the worst looking guy in the world. But there is another side to him. He can be the meanest person you will meet. But then he will apologize and you will forgive him but in the end you he will do the same thing.
Kole-good looking,diffrent skin tone. Not to be racestst look it up
by Chandace King June 13, 2018
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An adjective that means more than handsome. Someone with exceptionally good looks, character, and classiness.
Darren Criss is so Kole.
by BreAnnaCupcake January 15, 2012
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He's extremely charming and handsome! All the girls love him. He's funny and the nicest person you'll ever meet! He is so dreamy and you can't go a day without looking at his beautiful face! Everything about is just something to fall in love with! 😍
Me: Oh my god it's Kole!
Friend: He's so funny and nice
Me: Kole I love u!!!!!
Kole: ummmm.....
*Girls chase kole*

by LaylaGirl$waggy April 19, 2017
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A Kole is the nicest and most unexpected person you'll ever meet. He is gentle and kind, has nice manners and a silken voice. He is a giver and care taker, you'll fall in love with him instantly. Furthermore, he's sensual as hell, amazing with words, he could melt you just using a couple of sentences.
Everything you could dream of, he has it, you just need to learn how to appreciate it.
If you ever meet a Kole, consider yourself extremely lucky and don't ever hurt him, at least intentionally. He doesn't deserve anything bad.
To conclude, he is basically husband material.
"Dayum who's that guy over there?"
"Oh... he is Kole"
"He's just like bread"
by rum :) March 25, 2022
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1. Soon to Be Ruler of the World.

2. Cool awesome guy that YOU should vote to be your king.
Kole is so great!

All Hail Kole!

We Love Kole!

We dont care if the world is going to Hell in a hand-basket, we love kole anyway!
by Kole Post August 30, 2003
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hes my brother and he sucks

he beats me almost every day

and we have bunnies
by ugly boye karter October 28, 2020
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