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An adjective that means more than handsome. Someone with exceptionally good looks, character, and classiness.
Darren Criss is so Kole.
by BreAnnaCupcake January 14, 2012
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An amazing guy who is extremely handsome. He is desired by many women but only wants one in the end. He is very active and likes music. Sometimes very quiet and keeps to himself, but other times he can be rambunctious and goofy. He can't stand to do nothing, always has to be doing something proactive.
I love kole, i want him more than anything.
by ...bfdblkbjl November 08, 2010
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Kole: the sweetest person you will ever meet or ever find he’s the best boyfriend you’ll ever have he’s sweet kind and really cute that’s why every girl loves him 💕💕💕
Kole: are you ok Girl : yes Kole : no your not let me help you out girl: thanks
by Popcorn 🍿 June 10, 2018
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He's extremely charming and handsome! All the girls love him. He's funny and the nicest person you'll ever meet! He is so dreamy and you can't go a day without looking at his beautiful face! Everything about is just something to fall in love with! 😍
Me: Oh my god it's Kole!
Friend: He's so funny and nice
Me: Kole I love u!!!!!
Kole: ummmm.....
*Girls chase kole*

by LaylaGirl$waggy April 18, 2017
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1. Soon to Be Ruler of the World.

2. Cool awesome guy that YOU should vote to be your king.
Kole is so great!

All Hail Kole!

We Love Kole!

We dont care if the world is going to Hell in a hand-basket, we love kole anyway!
by Kole Post August 29, 2003
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Is the shortened form of Nikolaus
not to be confused with "nick"
which is the shortened form of "Nickolis"

Is the greatest.

Plans to be either a Hobo or your Un-questioned dictator.

is a nice person who you should choose as your master.

Is the greatest.

this is not an advertisment for you to choose Kole (yes it is)

*Do it or no one will love you
*you will die alone
*c'mon you know you want to
*all your friends are doing it
*you'll be popular
*kole might even give you a country of your choice (pick mexico)
*border hoppers rule
*i like cheese
*arrrg! im a pirate
we love <Kole>
<Kole> is the Greates
what would life be like without <Kole>?
we all love you <kole>
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