When you agree with someones opinion, as if it's the truth about a situation. It's another way of saying Word is Bond.

Made famous by Flatline Records of Jersey City, NJ.
John: Hey Bill im tired of breaking my back working at this low paying job.

Bill: Know That
by Flatline Records October 27, 2008
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The term is commonly used at the end of a statement, primarily to emphasize the factual basis of said statement.

It can also be used to educate others of your self-importance or emphasize others' faults.

The term was popularized by Allison Dubois on an episode of the reality show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Dinner Party from Hell."
Allison: "I have books written on me and by me and television shows based on my life so you can just take a flying leap. Know that."


Jason: "You're an uneducated silly bitch. Know that."
by fobulouswon February 17, 2011
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to acknowledge ones words or actions, or to inform someone of their new discoveries
Michael-Did you really give her the Angry Dragon?
Ty-Know That!
by thetyty December 12, 2010
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someone who comes off as knowing everything about everything, but upon review is mostly incorrect.
Chris started in today about common-era anthropology...wow what a know it not!
by sandspit January 1, 2010
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"People in the know are aware of a nuclear explosion if even the slightest jolt was made upon the renegade carrier."
-part of the storyline for Blast Corps
by Dave October 21, 2004
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A person who simply doesn't know what's going on or being said around them.
Yeah, J.J.'s Not Knowing.

(He's the only one who has no idea what we're talking about.)
by OdontEvnGetMeStartd August 6, 2019
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1)to have intimate knowledge of a particular subject not necessarily every subject.

2)to be privy to uncommon knowledge

you know who Gwyneth is dating?

ask Rita she's in the know
by i heart your mom March 31, 2006
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