take a flying leap a non vulgar way of telling someone to fuck off
my boss fired me for coming in late to work one time i told her to take a flying leap
by bluebear May 28, 2020
Its stupid, no normal people say this, its laughable at best, not insulting at all. Nerds of the fifties and 60s said it. Watch twilight zone, u will hear it in damn near every episode. Only they say to leap at the moon.
But ive got to see you, helen! iblive u!

Randy, I've told u before. I'm not interested! How bout u take a flying leap at the moon!
by serling_hitchcock February 4, 2015
simply, this phrase is a "nice" way to tell someone to take a flying fuck to a rolling donut, take a flying fuck, go fuck yourself, get lost, kiss off, go suck an egg, go fly a kite, etc.
Schoolyard bully: Gimme a quarter, chump!

Other kid: Take a flying leap of a galloping goose!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 5, 2007