Shooting someone down for everything they say. As if you just assume they wont do something they say they will.
Mhmm dont try to knock me just yet.
by bubbly_blonde23 July 15, 2014
"KNOCK ME UP" is the saying amongst people having sex that they want to have babies with the male or they want to get pregnant due to kinky reasons
Holy shit Max knock me up daddy!!!!!!
by endervortex2000 November 14, 2021
Knocks me sick or knocked me sick is the word describing complete disgust; literally so horrible that it 'knocks' one sick.

The phrase is a word originating in Liverpool and is mainly used by 'scousers' (people from merseyside).
person1)"ew this bowl of scouse had baked beans in; it knocks me sick

person 1) "eeee mate did you see that lad the other day?"
person 2) "yeah I did lird and his face knocked me sick
by anonifly February 22, 2010
also known as "h2gkmo". it was something ariana grande tweeted and her fans started saying it a lot
Alexa: "Look at this picture of Chris Hemsworth"
Me: honest to god knock me out
by hemswerths June 11, 2018
To have such an effect on someone that that he or she can’t stand when you’re near
He knocks me off of my feet!
by BrownSugar7 November 4, 2017