1. Derogatory and politically incorrect term for member of the Irish Traveller community.

2. Irish equivalent to someone from 'The Hood'.
"me n al me mates ran amok on o'connell streeh when dem orange baasturds tried teh march dowin ih...lit a car on fire and battered Charlie Bird"

Fucking Knackers!
by Damho May 19, 2010
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This word USED to mean an Irish traveler and typical scum from Ireland, nowadays it is used as a term to refer to people with a thick dublin accent, wears Burberry, Adidas, Nike, Reebok and other typical sports clothing.

It has become VERY common with youths and the thing is is that older adults still feel it means the same as what it used to. Well, it doesn't.

This word has become as popular as the english term chav, which would probably be a better choice to search for what a knacker means.
That girl is such a knacker, she keeps saying "Howya" and has an Adidas jumper on :O
by CathalRyan October 22, 2010
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Two meanings in the UK midlands area.
1. a term for broken or a bust item
2. a term for stealing or taking without consent (used in the Rover works)
1. the washing machine is knackered
2 can you knacker me a set of wheels for my car
by Phonetic Fred April 22, 2009
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1. Exhausted
2. Sexually spent
3. Reprimanded
4. Broken / malfunctional
1. I was knackered when I got in from work.
2. After my seventh ejaculation I was well and truly knackered.
3. The teacher caught us smoking and now we're going to get really knackered.
4. I tried to fix my dad's PC but now it's more knackered than ever.
by Dan Fox June 12, 2003
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Exhausted. now can be used entirely freely of any sexual connection.
I'm absolutley knackered, i've been working all day.
by zimo August 15, 2004
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1) originaly this was used as a nickname given to the bad members of the traveling community of the united Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland.

2) but now it can be used to describe anyone who is a scumbag/rough, not just travellers

3) also means testicles

see also --- chav, sham, traveller, pikey, scumbag, council estate, football hooligan,
{travelling community}
" these knackers walked into the bar last night, and started a fight when they couldnt get served "
bob - " aw man, theres a bunch of knackers trying to get on the bus... "
billy - " crap... "
"OW !!! godammit, you kicked me right in the knackers !!!"
by Emperor Bubba April 05, 2005
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