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1. A slang term for 'testicles'.
2. A yard where horses are killed for food or glue, short for the "knacker's yard".
3. Sometimes used in place of 'knackered', meaning 'tired' or 'worn out'.
1. He's got his knackers in a twist.
2. We sent Red Rum to the knacker's yard.
3. My knackers are knackers after all that fun in the knacker's.
by Kevin Watkins May 13, 2004
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1) originaly this was used as a nickname given to the bad members of the traveling community of the united Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland.

2) but now it can be used to describe anyone who is a scumbag/rough, not just travellers

3) also means testicles

see also --- chav, sham, traveller, pikey, scumbag, council estate, football hooligan,
{travelling community}
" these knackers walked into the bar last night, and started a fight when they couldnt get served "
bob - " aw man, theres a bunch of knackers trying to get on the bus... "
billy - " crap... "
"OW !!! godammit, you kicked me right in the knackers !!!"
by Emperor Bubba April 05, 2005
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To break something
something that's broken
Shit, some twat just knacked the side of my car.
Shit, my cars knackered now.
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
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1) Substitute for 'mate' when addressing a close friend or acquaintance. Often reserved for someone you admire for their hard work or toughness.

2) Testicles
"G'day Knackers, hows it going?"

"Looks like he copped one in the knackers"
by Down under July 25, 2008
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the knacker man, as in "fit for the knackers" i.e. exhausted, dead
eeh by gum, ah wuz fit for knackers
by dilbert scrunchie June 20, 2003
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