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Even Don Magic Juan would be proud of this slick manuever. This particular endeavor is preformed by getting a cheap bottle of vodka usually Bankers Club is the vodka of choice. When you and a girl are doing shots you of course give her a double shot of vodka and you must covertly give yourself a shot of water, without the girl noticing. After 15 mintues the girl will be half naked and your average man will become 10 times more attractive. To properly perform this operation you must know the girls limits otherwise you will not be getting laid and the girl will be head first drenched in toliet bowl water, looking like the girl that comes out of the TV in the ring.
"Last night me and this guy were drinking and i got so shitfaced that i fell into his toliet and broke it."
"Oh shit you got Klingered!"
by Sir Douglass April 25, 2007
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