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A super good-looking person who lives in their own little world and can sometimes be misunderstood as a mean person. Also a person with a very good personality. Who is bright, kind, witty, and much more. If you ever meet someone named Kiyah keep them around for a very long time.
Kalyn: Hey, did you meet the new girl?

Devin:Oh yeah, isn't her Name Kiyah?

Kalyn: Yeah, she's super pretty and really nice!
by Summer Holt April 01, 2010
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A beautiful, athletic, outspoken, educational person. She keeps it real and doesn't care how you feel. Kiyah is kind but people mistake her as being a mean person. Kiyah is sweet and thick.
Everyone: Kiyah is very beautiful and honest.
by Johnathan Blacksmith March 27, 2017
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A girl who everybody doesn't deserve. She's one a kind and lets everybody into her life and cherish each soul. She's a keeper and doesn't like to wait to long , her personality runs wildly but you never find anyone like her.
-Hey you seen the new girl ?

-Kiyah ? Yea, her heart seem so pure , keeps everything to herself , can't wait to get to know her .
by Ezcall April 22, 2017
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the art of throwing a grenade through an unopen window
Evan: Kiyah!
Taylor: What??
Evan: You know, when you throw a nade through a window
Taylor: Ohhh...
by jtl7 October 24, 2007
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my super sexy girlfreind who love me and will allways love me. Although i am pretty sure she likes other guys at my school
Hey look it is my super sexy girlfriend kiyah
by ConnMan246810 January 17, 2018
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Kiyah means cute and Funny ass kid/women.There Aways have a way getting out of trouble.Always have to be in everthing,And she is slim thick.You be lucky to meet a girl name makiyah
Dave:did you see Kiyah her real name is Makiyah,she fine
Jake:yea imma ask her out one day
by Kitty b March 11, 2018
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