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the other woman; also known as the mistress; a female that is neither a male's wife or girlfriend who has relations with the male while he is in another relationship
Kimmy: Look at Tina and Josh...are they going out?
Sally: No Kimmy! Josh is dating Laura. Tina is just his sidechick.
by iamwifey January 17, 2007
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A sidechick is a women that you have a separate relationship with

Husband: She's my sidechick
by FluffyMan20 May 09, 2016
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The female who is Romantically involved with a man that she know has a girlfriend or wife. AkA BECKY... With the good hair as of April 2016
Side chick: Girl you know Ray right, I been with him for 2 years.

Friend: Girl Ray has been married to Sherelle for 5 years. They have been in a relationship for 10.

Side chick: Ye but he dont really love her tho.

Friend : So you Becky now! Girl you know thats his main chick shoot.
by Yonce27 May 29, 2016
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a side chick is a person with another person while that person is in a realationship
a man have his wife and he as another girl that is not his wife nor his girlfriend so that girl is his sidechick
by brianna graham from cdwn July 19, 2016
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A Bitch that is dating a boy that is cheating on the Bitch and the Bitch knows y'all
Bitch I get Jb on Sunday!!

-stranger- she is a side chick
by Side chick hater March 10, 2018
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A position allocated to a girl which is neither a wifey or a girlfriend but a side dish like nandos rice
"Hey, look at those sidechicks Amy, cheyan tattendaa"
by anonalie July 18, 2013
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A dusty, thirsty bird that one keeps around strictly for beating up the hot box. You usually have to gas her up by alluding to the possibility of a relationship in the near future, in order to get the buns. A throw away broad that an individual wears out like a boss, unbeknownst to said individual's main squeeze. Side-chicks are usually cool with their status as a slide-off due to the fact that they either have no shame or they're blinded by love. Not someone that you'd want to bone without a rubber. Guys can be side-chicks as well which could be equally, if not even more pathetic.
My wife is headed to work so I'm just going to sleep until two in the afternoon and then call the side-chick over real quick to get my dick wet for a minute.
by YessCubanB June 23, 2014
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