To intentionally avoid a girl's advances to protect a relationship with another girl. To air or ghost
My sidechick called me round but I said nah b, I had to kite her.
by GordonSackdog April 11, 2019
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A kite for aircraft flying cannot be just wing mechnanically. Rather, for kiting action to occur and to have a kite in such action, the aircraft machine "kite" must be a collection of three parts: wing, tether, and resistive subassembly (mooring). The mooring is often moving and can even be falling through the air. Essentially the line or tether couples the other two parts of the kite so a net positive tension occurs in the connecting line or tether. A default "kite" is often applied to the wing, but just the wing only gives non-kite glider. K={w,t,r). Thus paragliders are gliding kites. When underwater, kite is named "paravane"
A paraglider is a kite that has its mooring or resistive part as a falling mass tethered to a wing set (one or more wings).

A toy kite consists of a wing, a kite line, and a resistive part that might be the hand-body of a child; the hand may move in many ways by waving, pulling, or on top of a running child.

A hang glider with a single tether holding a pilot is a free-flight kite; the pilot's mass is the resistive part pulled by gravity; the tension couples the lifting/dragging wing. The three parts form a kite hang glider. Such a hang glider is also a type of paraglider.
by parakite November 02, 2011
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Half wicked and half lit, to express how good something is
Guy 1: man Wells Fargo just restocked their lollipops
Guy 2: yo that's hella kite
by Hehrbfhrnrtjt April 25, 2019
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The pillar of human decency and the shining example of what humanity should be. The most humble of beings that requires our love and adoration!

Praise the Kite may we bask in his light!
Today I vow to honor Kite in all that I do so that we may walk in the light.
by skunkodor April 27, 2017
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northern english name for face when someone is sulking.
"oye dave stop pullin' your kite!! just 'cos you can't do it!!"
by mark e October 07, 2004
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"Dude I heard the wind is supposed to be like 24 kites this weekend, is it gonna bring a storm swell?"
by Granny_Apple April 27, 2010
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In an MMORPG, when you pull a monster across one or several maps. This is generally done with intention to drag a high level monster into a low level area, or simply to allow time for teammates to kill lower level guards while the more powerful, kited one is being pulled away.
I kited a high level monster to a starting area and watched him kill tons of noobs.
by Bobbus Newbrick May 28, 2006
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