A term adopted by the harry styles fandom after our king used it in his Instagram caption thanking us for his tour
Fans: wow i loved your tour!!
by lwtknight August 08, 2018
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Yet another small, but extremely dangerous asian girl. She is unexpectedly evil, and can strike at any moment; she choses happy moments to attack. She CAN kill you. She WILL kill you. Other than these traits, she is quite the normal human being. If there was one person that could survive having sex with Chuck Norris, it would be a Kissy.
Kissy: "Hey, did someone take my Sushi"

Person 1: "I didn't take it"

Kissy: "Give it back, or i will committ kamikaze on you... AND SURVIVE!"
by George Somm May 05, 2009
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The way a woman talks to her man about giving head. Not just normal head, but head in a way that blows his mind. The kind where the knees want to collapse after orgasm.
She: That was incredible foreplay. I'm hungry for that hotdog. Do you want kissies?

He: You don't ever have to ask that question. Like air. I want it like air.

She: Looks like someone's getting excited.

He: Let's talk less.

Time elapses and he collapses.

by Russ and Erin December 02, 2006
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syn. Short for Kirsten or Kassidy or something close to that. n. A tease and/or awkward child. Usually has a cult of boys following them around for no apparent reason. Like polygamists, they often tell a number of boys in the cult that she's interested just to keep control. Few can escape the cult. EXTREMELY Socially awkward, so it is a wonder how Kissys' create these cults. Usually tall and awkward, or small and mousy; certaintly not even close to being attractive.
Ex 1-

Kissy: Hey, I like you ;) lets do stuff

Guy1: OK!! :)

Kissy: Actually, Guy2 is cuter than you, but keep liking me, k?

Guy1: OK! :)

Ex 2-

Girl: Hey Guys! :)

Guy: Hey! :)

Kissy: *Scary eyes* oh...uh..hi

Guy: Sorry Kissy, i won't talk to her! please forgive me!

Girl: wtf...
by llllllllllllillllllllll January 07, 2012
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Kissy is a fake account made by someone to piss people off on the chat
There was another account named Kolo Kolo that was made to piss people off
He has a small pp and has a lot of sex
Kissy is a bae
by CR7 official August 25, 2019
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