Cute kisses, Kissies! Especially wanted when cuddling.
by kissies4beeb May 17, 2011
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1. A cute way to say it would be nice to kiss you because I want too.
2. It would be nice to sleep (not as in sex) with you becasue I want to.

Backround: A phrase that was made up by the lover of Ice Baby, Ms Lippy, to sum up what they want from each other.
Lexy + Matt = kissy kissy :)
by MsLippy June 29, 2004
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A term adopted by the harry styles fandom after our king used it in his Instagram caption thanking us for his tour
Fans: wow i loved your tour!!
by lwtknight August 9, 2018
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having the desire to kiss someone (a human of either or both genders)

i had a kissy dream last night.
(not about hershey kisses)
by purplelightning4eva January 27, 2006
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It’s an expression you use to say goodbye to a really close friend. You know you’re gonna see each other soon, so it’s like a « See you later, love ya »
Patricia: OMG i gotta go, i’m going to be late for my date!
Petunia: Oh shit! Okay okay, don’t stress, and call me later. Kissy kissy!
Patricia: Thanks, kissy kissy!
by billieilish4life November 10, 2018
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A love, sweetheart, or a petname.
Can also be a nick name for Christopher.
I love my Kissie!

I have the best Kissie
by SurfBabe9000 August 20, 2009
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Yet another small, but extremely dangerous asian girl. She is unexpectedly evil, and can strike at any moment; she choses happy moments to attack. She CAN kill you. She WILL kill you. Other than these traits, she is quite the normal human being. If there was one person that could survive having sex with Chuck Norris, it would be a Kissy.
Kissy: "Hey, did someone take my Sushi"

Person 1: "I didn't take it"

Kissy: "Give it back, or i will committ kamikaze on you... AND SURVIVE!"
by George Somm May 5, 2009
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