A term widely used in Australia. A very hard punch, usually delivered to the head, that is completely unexpected. Most often results in knock outs or knock downs. Viewed upon by most as an act of cowardice. Simmilar in meaning to sucker punch.
The boys beat the shit out of this nev after he king hit Joey in the pub.
by HorseyBra May 27, 2013
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This phrase was made famous in Australia in the 1970's-80's. Over time it has come to mean a knock out punch.

The term was created to describe I blindside punch. Thrown from behind, it is usually a knock out punch not seen coming.

Media has misused the word as any K.O. or massive blow to the head.
-"Kimbo got knocked out!"

'What? How'd that happen?'

-"The bastard KING HIT 'Im."

'Dog Act We'll fix him.'
by TheDoctor2013 December 9, 2013
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Hard and unexpected punch between the eyes.
This bitch flicked my nuts, so I king hit that ho.
by Colonel King Hit October 19, 2008
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1. The most hardcore, damage-maximising, chronicly solid punch that can be thrown. Send's the aggressor off balance if it doesn't hit the intended target.
2. A Very Very large sized bong of cannabis.
1. "He tried to King Hit me, so I easily dodged to the right, jabbed him twice in the stomach, then let go a King Hit of my own while he was still keeled over."
2. "Ohhh...That waz a King Hit!"
by Diego September 4, 2003
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A colloquial, jazzed up way of saying someone was punched in the head with the intent of the perpetrator being to knock them out.

A word the Australian media is known for overusing as a buzzword, similar to how the media in the US kept calling a recent trend of innocent people being assaulted with a punch to the head "the knockout game".
A 25 year old man was king hit last night in Kings Cross, becoming the 6th victim of the king hit epidemic sweeping the nation, you may be next
by Samson44 January 4, 2014
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To take the first hit from a bong, usually a gravity bong, where the first hit is most potent.
Dude, I took king's hit off of my buddy's piece and I got so cashed...
by jenou October 5, 2007
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The final super punch to KO someone while they’re unaware. Either in a fight (which means they got past the others defenses and landed a perfect hit) or being a pu$$y and hitting someone while they’re unaware back turned.


K.o, king-hit
by King-Hit February 25, 2019
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