noun; afraid to spend money
You're such a pu$$y dude; just buy it.
by phillyFaz October 10, 2010
If you're kinda black and you push dollars up your girls pussy and they came out kinda moist but tasting delicious... an acquired taste.
What's that on the floor? It's pu$$y juice.

What's that oil in the tub? Pu$$y juice.
by Chapelley April 2, 2017
Oooo her pu$$y tastes sour
I did that girl last night. She’s a lemon pu$$y that one!!
by Mano the faith fish January 31, 2018
Finn Wolfhard (YES, the legend himself) once posted in his Instagram story a video of himself, saying “Pu$$y sandwich”. Now the bio of a lot of fanaccounts, is saying “Pu$$y sandwich”.
Person 1: “I just met a pu$$y sandwich!”
Person 2: “Really? What did he look like?”
Person 1: “ Like a pu$$y sandwich.
by Foodaboveeverything July 26, 2018