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A game created in Saratoga, CA that traditionally takes place in the Golden Triangle but can be applied to any suburban area. Fugitive involves anywhere from 10-25 high school kids, usually upperclassmen. The point of the game is to run from one central place (such as a school) to another central place (such as a local store) while other players chase the runners in cars. The rules are simple, no taking major roads, no cheating, runners get a several minute head start, and you must make it to your final destination in under 45 minutes. Fugitive games always take place at nighttime or anytime when it’s dark. Jumping into random yards, hiding in bushes, and trying to camouflage in shadows are the norm. The runners usually win as it only takes one runner to constitute a victory for the runners. The drivers typically have another person riding with them in the car. Their job is to jump out and tag the runner or call out his/her name if they are clearly identifiable. Once a runner is tagged or called out, they join the driver and ride in the car until the end of the game. Unfortunately, many Fugitive games end up being cut short by the arrival of the cops as some residents see the kids and mistake them for burglars or shady people trying to rob them. If the cops come, they usually come in force, three to four squad cars is not uncommon. Sometimes they'll let you go, other times they'll take names down.
Guy: Hey, do you want to play Fugitive? I've got about 15 people going already.
Girl: Yeah sure, that sounds like fun.

Cop: What the hell are you kids doing? Curfew is 11:00.
Guy 1: Sorry officer, we were playing a game.
Cop: Well that's not what it looked like, we already sent a chopper up to scan the area from Moffet Field.
Guy 2: Bullshit.
by VonClippings (L.A.B.) January 26, 2006
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When someone is avoiding you.
Girl: Girl, I have been trying to call my boyfriend all day.

Other Girl: Girl, he's just being fugitive.
by Booooottyyy-licious February 03, 2010
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Someone wanted by the law but not yet caught.
Fugitive- I didn't kill your wife, I didn't fuck your wife!

Husband (in US Marshals uniform)- Do you know why I'm never going to see my wife again? You killed her, and now you're going to suffer! Say her name!
by Cloud Atlas Publishing Co. September 18, 2019
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