Killswitch is a phrase, which was made by Electronica music artists, used to define a blasting event or moment. Killswitch is used for a specific moment in a song when the adrenaline reaches limits, holds your breath for a moment, and then unleashes the power of sound and atmosphere. Killswitch can be used out of music world for any such event.
"Her appearance was a killswitch of the party."

"The transition he made was a killswitch...we exploded."
by Shadow Cougar December 24, 2004
this was a video game made in 1989 by a soviet company
it was believed that when you beat it it deletes itself from your hard drive
10/10 would play Killswitch again oh wait....
by i like cheez-its December 8, 2018
noun: It would seem, a metaphorical, mind operated switch, that, when engaged, allows a person to Kill with reckless abandon.
"You remember Timothy McVeigh? Man that dude engaged the Killswitch!"
by Johey Christian September 11, 2006
See also Killswitch Engage one of the most talented and unique bands out today, show the true definition of making beautiful yet aggressive music.
Most bands can only wish to be Killswitch Engage.
by youre dumb April 26, 2003
The level in all of our consciousnesses, which we pull prior to going on a killing spree.
Prior to killing that Butch Dyke, I delved deep within my head and pulled the killswitch.
by Victor Wilt November 24, 2003
When you find yourself stuck in a situation where you have absolutely no idea what is going on or possibly even where you are. Usually because of lack of attention paid to the subject at hand.
Luke: Wait, why is Donald Trump building a wall?
Augie: Because Mexicans smell bad
Luke: Oh, sorry for my Killswitchness
by Dixie Sticks October 31, 2017
The process of stopping all motions completely the instant before you blow it while you are with a girl or with your hand. (Warning, This May Sting A Lot)
I realized that i didnt have kleenex so i did what any guy would do, i hit the killswitch.
by heybuddy May 31, 2004