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A very nice guy that you can trust with all your heart. Very energetic but can be quite stubborn at times. When it comes to him you can never win a fight. When he is dedicated to something he sticks with it. He is a very loving person and loves to cuddle. He is a person that would never want to let you go, he would make sure you never fall and he will always be there by your side when you really need him when your at your worst.
Did you see augie with that girl?
Yea she's such a lucky girl to have a guy like him
by HalfARose<3 July 12, 2011
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a straight up good guy, never lets you down. A smart fucker that can get just about anything done, fast. Better than a lawyer, banker, priest etc. etc.
"now, what the hell you gonna do?"
Ima call my augie first!
by a friend of augie January 25, 2004
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adj./ cool as hell, of or resembling a pimp. In need of a giant stick, other than his penis, to beat girls away with because they are always all over him.
You are so.. just.. augie. make love to me now
by Jewpimp March 02, 2005
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This little furry creature that liked to cuddle,dreaming and speak for a second. She’s a Melmacian and Very Furry as Cute Wearing a Green and Purple Dress.
by MayDayMeh June 20, 2018
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