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When a guy gets hurt in a relationship and he aggressively tries to bang as many girls (typically bar skanks) as he can in an attempt to move on and hide from the pain/humiliation of the breakup. It is often paired with excessive alcohol/drug abuse in a dangerous combination of self-destructive behaviour. The term comes from various shooter games where a player comes out much more reckless than usual after being killed in embarrassing fashion.
"Man, Steve hasn't been to class in 2 weeks and he never returns anyone's texts anymore"
"Yeah, after Chelsea broke up with him, all he does is go to the bar and try to wheel the dustiest chicks"
"Yeah dude, he's on a total killing spree"
by JLB237 September 10, 2011
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1)In frag based combat, a 'Killing Spree' consists of 5 frags without respawning. Similar to RunningRiot
Hahaha... I got a Killing Spree by spawn killing!
by Mark Browning December 25, 2003
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a five kill streak in halo w/out dying once.
after killing spree comes running riot, rampage, berserker, and finally over kill
hoorah! i got a killing spree bitches
by phobiktweek March 18, 2005
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In Online FPS games (Halo, CS) a killing spree is to kill a number of other players, without dying yourself.
by asdgg February 16, 2008
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