A saying used by people whom are angry but are unable to follow through with any task or threat.
Kill a bitch; bitch
by Never Outwit Me October 24, 2019
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On the 5th of October if a girl touches you you can absolutely wollap them
If Jessica touches me I will kill a bitch
by October 01, 2020
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A phrase you would say after defeating someone in a competition, making them feel stupid via an exceptional comeback, etc.
Michael: Hey dude, I bet you my history report is longer than yours.

Taylor: I bet you my DICK is longer than yours. OOO, Killed That Bitch!!
by Alexander Mikhail November 06, 2007
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When your so angry at someone that you just want to hurt someone.
My friend told me someone wanted to hurt me so I said I'll kill a bitch.
by sami26 May 21, 2010
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when someone tries to make a comment that they think will insult you, but you come right back at them and totally kill them. leaving them speechless
Joe: Hey what did you guys do last night?
Luke: I was doin your mom last night and she was awesome!
Joe: Really because when your mom drove over to my house last night i looked out the window and she had yo ass sit in the car.
Joe: Oooooh... kill bitch!
by Niel P. April 09, 2008
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