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To become so intoxicated off of cheap alcohol that one exhibits the need to empty the contents of their stomach into the nearest receptacle; to throw up violently.
He just kilbaned all into that glass at The Brick.
by Angibean July 27, 2011
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(v) The act of pushing a shuttlecock or ping-pong ball along the floor back towards the other player when the intention was to scoop it or flip it up in the air so the opponent could catch it. This almost always results in the opponent having to do what Kilbane should have done originally in bending down and picking it up himself.
Bacher walks up to the net to retrieve the shuttlecock that has caught the net and fails in his attempt to flip it up to Agler. It instead slides a few feet on the floor just out of reach of Bacher, so Bacher decides the shuttlecock retrieval is now out of his hands and proceeds to get in position for the next exchange while Agler will likely injure his back or somehow break a bone while picking it up.
Agler: “If you Kilbane that goddamn shuttlecock again I swear I’m gonna sodomize you with the head of this racket.”
by j.agler July 27, 2011
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(n) A new style of facial hair. This style of facial hair must include a patch of cheek hair that makes its way up to the eyes. Other traditional styles of facial hair may be combined with the Kilbane considering cheek hair is completely unique to this new style, however it is usually accompanied by a beard. To achieve a true Kilbane, one must also grow dense circles of hair around his (or her) nipples, however this unique combination of body hair is rumored to be achievable only by one elite individual.
Person 1: "My cheeks are itchy."
Person 2: "That's because your sporting a Kilbane and haven't shaved your cheeks recently. That's disgusting."
by j.agler July 29, 2011
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(v) Violently curb checking one’s own car.
Kilbane: "I'm a really good driver."
4 seconds later the car hops the curb
Passenger: "Damn! Did you just Kilbane a curb again?! Lucky you didn't blow out that tire."
by j.agler July 29, 2011
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(v) to fail, to be unsuccessful in every endeavor
"I kilbaned my second date by eating wings....without use of a napkin until I was finished."

"He was kilbaning it. He poured a milkshake on himself, twice, before he even realized what he was doing."
by lilybeaners July 29, 2011
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super cool mother fucker who gets pussy out the ying yang and is more uber than any noobs named matt
Jim kicked matts ass in everything cause of his uberness
by Vulnerable Elbareluv May 08, 2003
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The name of a badass who takes no shit from anyone. Has a huge sexual appetite and is sensual and passionate in every way. Also loves getting their own way and is great to have on your side in an argument
That Kilbane is awesome
via giphy
by Boomboxbandit January 27, 2020
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