A sexually attractive female. The term uber-kife describes the single most attractive kife in a particular context. ki-eef is in the upper quartile of kife just below the uber. Koife is drunken 'easy' kife, i.e. you would!. Anti-kife is self-explanitary.
The girl at the bar is well kife!
by Phil & TUV May 01, 2006
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To take or steal. Variant of kipe.
I was low on money so I was forced to kife a box of Twinkies from the 7-Eleven.
by Chris Charles December 09, 2002
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Most definitely in reference to young ladies around SE London, UK, in the 1950s -- not very polite!
"Caw, that's a nice bitta kife."
by Paul October 18, 2003
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A common mispronunciation of the word "kipe."

'kipe' definition: to steal, pilfer, or swipe something of small value

If fading use. primarily regional to the American Pacific Northwest. From the Old English "kip", menaing "to snatch" or "to take hold of". Probably originally from the Old Norse "kippa", meaning to "to snatch", "to tug on", or "to pull on".
Joe: Don't kife my beer. I'll be right back
Jane: I think you meant to say kipe, and I'll guard it for you.
Joe: Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you, Jane.
by forthegoodofeducation1944 June 30, 2011
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